Whew! May is over! May is a big deal at the Nunez house, and it is filled with celebration. Manny and I adopted Vee May 2nd, we got married May 8th, and I was born May 12th.  Not in that particular order; pretty much the opposite. And let’s not forget Mother’s day which fell on my birthday this year!Summer also started for us a week ago, we have been getting ready for Vee’s trip to Ohio with the church choir next week, and Manny and I are planning our long awaited Honeymoon (we’ve been married for two years, people!).

Something happened in the middle of a busy season filled with anniversaries, though. I get to thinking. Manny usually gets scared when that is happening, but this time no one was harmed in the process.  I got to thinking about our last two years, how crazy they’ve been, and how much we have accomplished. Accomplishments are hard for me to see as I rush through life. I’m not the most patient woman in the world. In fact, I would say I am toward the bottom of the list. I tend to want to hurry things up; get it done. Once I know what something should look/sound/be like (according to me), I shift my gear to fifth and press the gas pedal.  This way of thinking has led me to burn a lot of food! Higher temperature = faster cooking, right? WRONG. Sometimes higher temperature just leads to burning my favorite foods (like the plantains I scorched a couple days ago and still ate, because they are delicious and it pained me to throw them away).

It gets a little bit more complicated, though, when we are burning each other. I know we haven’t written a post in a while, and a lot has happened since last Christmas. Vee got his first cell phone, I got a Paleo cookbook, and Manny got more camera-related gimmicks. And so we went to receive the New Year as a family, all with our new hobbies and interests. Manny had to leave for two months starting in January to attend training in California, and Vee and I were terrified we were going to kill each other. Well, not literally. I guess you can call it “burn each other.” Last time we were alone, it was… “smoky.” We were not sure we were standing on solid ground, so the boat was rocked just to see what would happen. Let me just say that it took a lot of work to find our balance after those initial months. But, this last time around, Vee and I decided to make the best of it. We got into a routine, and the two months went by without any major glitches. WHEW! I was so relieved that we avoided major fires, and took care of the ones that were about to burn.

Manny has been back for a while now, and we are all adjusting back to, yet, another routine.  We have been having great conversations that were sparked during Easter. The truth about our Savior dying for us, made it impossible to deny that, without His sacrifice, we would not be a family. It is because Christ intercepted my life at some point, that I was led to Manny, whose life was also changed. God gave us this crazy desire to adopt a teenager, and it is through Him and His changing power that there is less smoke in our house these days. Since last Christmas, we have been diligently working on TRUST. The “big T,” at the Nunez’s household is a daily focus, but God is teaching me to lower the temperature. It might seem crazy to you, but when we first moved to Florida I was sure everything was going to fall into place eventually… and by eventually I really hoped it was going to take one month. Of course, I knew that the journey was going to be hard, but I wanted it to cook fast and be tender. Instead, a lot of smoke came out. These days, though, we are opening up the windows, letting the smoke go out, but I am not throwing away my plantains. My mom taught me the “art of scraping.” When you burn something, you don’t throw it away. You scrape the burnt part, until you find what is still good to eat. After all, isn’t that what God does with us?

So yes, May has been busy. But it has also been an awesome reminder of how far we have come. We celebrated the one-year anniversary since Vee moved in with us; we became his parents, and he became our son. By choice. Through love. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

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