Of Fish and Loaves…

A couple of weeks ago, Vee joined his youth choir, Jubilation, as they visited a Devereux facility that serves children in the areas of behavioral and emotional health. This was a BIG DEAL, because, not too long ago, Vee lived in a similar facility. A couple of days after visiting Devereux, Vee shared that he would like do something for the kids at the facility for Christmas. He shared how lonely he felt during Christmas while living at different facilities, and he wanted to make sure the kids he visited knew that someone was thinking about them. So the wheels started spinning, and the Núñez family joined forces with the Jubilation youth choir to stuff 120 stockings for children who may not get any encouraging or loving words this Christmas.

Vee shared this message to invite people to our “Stocking Stuffing Party” and asked people to donate stockings and stuffers:

“Helping children in facilities like Devereux is important to me. When I was in facilities like Devereux, I remember feeling like no one cared about me, and I was really lonely. Going to Devereux helps those children in the facilities feel like there is someone who cares about them. I remember that for two Christmases I didn’t get any presents, and I felt depressed. During this Christmas season, I feel it is important to give to the children there. All of the children that live in Devereux should have some kind of present in their hands. Please help us make a differenCE in these children’s liVES by helping us collect stockingS and stocking stuffers.”

We prepped for the Christmas party a couple of days in advance, and also put some money aside to buy emergency stockings and stuffers in case we ran short. On December 2nd, at 5:30pm, the Chateu de Núñez opened its doors to 57 teens bringing bags of candy, stockings, toiletries, toys, school supplies… you name it! Bags and Bags and more bags! It was amazing!

We had a room designated to stuff the stockings that was overflowing with supplies and teens coming through the line to stuff the stockings.


Meanwhile…. Outside of the room, this was going on:


Every once in a while, God creates an opportunity so that we can be part of something great. This day was just that. Yes, it did take several days to get the house back in order after the party, but WOW! It was so worth it! To see teenagers come together to selflessly invest in someone else’s life was inspiring (do you remember what you thought about when you were a teen? Yeap…probably only about yourself!). Believe it or not, we stuffed EXACTLY 120 stockings and we had candy and toiletries left over that were taken to a Christmas event for the Holidays.

At the end of the day, when all the kids were gone and the frosting was semi-wiped down from the kitchen counter, the Núñez family ordered a pizza and popped a movie in. Light off, TV light glaring on us, and there is my kid. This was all his idea. We must be doing something right.

Amazed at God’s grace,


2 thoughts on “Of Fish and Loaves…

  1. This is truly incredible you guys. Feeling so humbled and inspired. Way to go Vee! Love and miss this special family. Merry Christmas : )

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