Has it REALLY only been six months?

Have you ever had that feeling? That feeling you get when the calendar days do not seem to match up with how much time you think has gone by. I had that feeling a couple days ago, when I realized that we were in court getting guardianship of our son only six months ago.  And to top it all off, the same week marked a year and a half since Manny and I got married! So much has happened!

When it comes to parenting, it seems that some days engulf one thousand lessons that come with different feelings, several conversations, and countless one-sentence prayers asking God for wisdom and guidance. Lately, however, we have more and more days that seem to go smoothly. Take a recent Sunday, for example. We all sat together at church, listened to a sermon about how perseverance through trials matures our faith (Yes, God. We hear you!), and had lunch while watching a movie. Not even a  “look” or “talk” that day. Whew.

Honestly, it kind of takes my breath away to think about these last six months and how God has totally rocked our world. I guess it is obvious, looking from the outside in, to see how much our lives have changed. From inside the home, though, it comes in waves. Some days, it feels like we have been ploughing the soil for a long, long time. And all of the sudden, there they are… a handful of seeds that have begun growing into buds. So as the three of us continue to plough through the soil, turn it over, and make room for fertile ground, we can see flowers starting to bloom. That is how it is with God. He gives us the tools to work on what seems dead soil; although, He knows all along that there is beauty buried underneath. And as we start to work the ground, He makes beauty spring up and overwhelm us with the reality that He was planning for beauty all along.

Six months might not seem like much, but God has done wonders in our lives. Last night after dinner, while we had our family devotional, I admitted to my family how God is working on my lack of patience and need for perfectionism and control and prayed to God that I can be a better mother and wife; Manny shared with us that he works on putting his family first every day, while I thought that I could have not chosen a better man; and our beautiful son Vee looked at us and said that he understood that God brought him to this day, and that he is thankful for a past that allowed him to come to God for hope. And just like that, in a wave a truthfulness, God showed once again that there is life under dead soil just waiting to be ploughed through.

The three of us in March 2011, before getting guardianship. We were only allowed to have Vee with us for the weekends at this point.

At Manny’s Graduation, 4 days after Vee moved in with us!

Out for lunch at our 6 Months celebration. Manny is taking the picture!
November, 2012.

This is us at the zoo the day before Thanksgiving! We are so thankful 🙂

Knowing that God has much more in store for us,


3 thoughts on “Has it REALLY only been six months?

  1. Beautifully written! Time does seem to fly for us, too. A couple days ago I walked outside barefoot to grab the mail and thought “How could this possibly be the end of November?” Thank you for reminding me how good God is!

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