Work It!

It has been pretty busy lately in the Núñez/Hansen household. We have done everything from working, to attending choir practice, meeting with friends, taking V to practices, youth group, or cross-country meets, enduring long homework and study sessions, taking care of the house, paying bills, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, you name it! It’s hard to think that there is time for working out in our crazy schedule! One thing I realized early on in our marriage is that I don’t have the daily 2+ hours that I had to devote to gym-time back when I was in college! I would rather spend the little time that  have at home with my family on weekdays and not at the gym. That’s why I was excited when Carla introduced me to Beachbody workouts like P90X and Insanity.

It took me a while to finally commit to doing the entire P90X three month program, but I am so glad I did. P90X is an at home work-out program led by Personal Trainer Tony Horton. I love all of the P90X workouts, especially the ones that have helped me with my pull-ups. When I began the program, I could barely do two pull-ups. I can now do 20! Each workout has challenged me in ways I have never been challenged and today I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been in my life.

Carla is doing Turbo Fire. It is another at-home work-out program led by Personal Trainer Chalene Johnson. It is extremely intense, but Carla loves it because it is fun! She just started a challenge group with some of her friends, in hopes of getting others to join her in her path to living healthy!

Vee has been very active, too. Before he came into our family, he had never been part of a sports team. During orientation, the cross-country coach saw him and said “You look like you would be a great runner, you should join the cross-country team!” Vee took his coach’s advice and joined the team. Although he has had to work really hard, Vee has come to the point where he loves being part of the team. He runs every day of the week and is required to participate in a 5k race every Saturday.  His time went from 27:30min to 22:30min in the span of two months! That’s an incredible improvement if you ask me!

We as a family are happy to have found different ways in which we can work out and stay healthy. Stay tuned for more on how we have found ways to stay healthy and take care of ourselves.


Manny Nunez

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