Birthday # 1 – of cake, ice cream, and dancing teenagers.

Whew! What a week. It seems that, since school started, life has been non-stop. In these last couple of days we had Newcomers orientation at Patrick Air Force Base; attended the Merritt Island High School open house; studied (YES, all three of us studied) for a Chemistry, English, and Algebra test; went to Vee’s first Cross Country meet (more on that next week), and … oh, yeah…Vee turned 17 last Saturday.

Generally, according to other moms in the blogosphere and the celebrity world, the first birthday is a big deal that calls for designer cakes, bouncy houses, and even ponies. We were obviously in for a big challenge. Granted, Vee did not turn one year old, but we really wanted to make his first birthday with us a happy one. We planned a cool (because we are cool parents) hangout at the park to include water-balloon fights. Then, we realized we are in the middle of hurricane season, and it rains every afternoon here. Change of plans. In come 15+ teens to our living room. DEEP BREATH. Turned the Playstation on, cooked some hotdogs, and hoped they could figure out how to have fun. And it worked out! It ended up not raining, so they all took it to our backyard and played ultimate Frisbee and soccer.

After the energy level went down a notch, there was still enough left for some dancing. Vee insisted on the cha-cha slide.

Of course, no birthday is complete without a great cake. If you ask me, it turned out better than one of those specialty cakes.

The birthday party was awesome. It was great to see Vee so happy and see the amazing friendships he is developing.  And, yeah, it was a little stressful, too, but our family and friends all showed up and helped so much, had fun with us, and supported us through every moment.

So, as we celebrated a new year of Vee’s life, we are grateful that God brought us to Florida to be a family. Here, we are finding friends who want to share this journey with us, a church family that embraces us as we are, and a family that continues to grow in size and strength.

Happy Birthday, son! We are so thankful that God is allowing us to see you become the man that God planned for you to be all along.



5 thoughts on “Birthday # 1 – of cake, ice cream, and dancing teenagers.

  1. Greg and are at dinner celebrating our anniversary; reflecting on our family and blessings. The joy emanating from your email is further testament of the love and joy that comes from our children and families! I am so happy for you, Manny and Vee! Continued joy and celebrations!

  2. Wow, fantastic pictures! It is wonderful to see all of you and just the joy of having such am amazing family. Wishing Vee a very Happy Birthday . Hope to see all of you soon. We miss you and speak of you often. Peggy B.

  3. What an amazing day…. can you guys plan my next birthday? I’m so glad you live close to the extended family. What an amazing new life you’ve given Vee and what a blessing to be able to do so near so many people that love you all.

  4. I might have to read this post over and over. Fabulous photos! Fabulous party. I couldn’t be happier for the three of you. It is so obvious what a blessing Vee is to you and you two are to him! God is SO good!! Love you girl!!

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